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Club Fundraising

Fundraising 2015 5/1/15 Home baking Sale £147.96 10/1/15 Eastgate Bucket collection £528.59 12/1/15 Inverness Area Sports Council £500 towards costs of attending British Championships in January 2015 21/1/15 Charity Shop £1,141 31/1/15 Sale of folding bike £40 2/2/15 Inverness Common Good Fund £4,500 towards costs of attending Trophy d’Ecosse in February 2015 £4,500 21/2/15 Snowman Rally £964 1/3/15 Ross & Cromarty Sports Council £500 (£300 Grant for Excellence and £200 towards Travel) 17/3/15 Charity Shop £850 30/3/15 Donation from Judy Clinton £100 18/4/15 Psychic Night £1,113 20/4/15 MFR Cash for Kids £1,000.00 9/5/15 Fort Augustus Gravel Sprint £295 16/5/15 Football Bucket collection £213.25 30/5/15 Ben Wyvis Summer Fayre Baking stall £125.45 13 & 14/6/15 Morrisons Bag Pack £1,458.51 Fundraising 2014 22/2/14 Snowman Rally £1,460 2/3/14 Cake Sale during Highland Week at Ice Rink £190 17/5/14 Gravel Rally £332 31/5/14 Ben Wyvis School Fete £141 13/9/14 Asda Bag Pack £541.39 1/8/14 Charity Shop £1,855 23/9/14 M & Co Fashion Show, Dingwall £380 16/11/14 Tesco Bag Pack £821.61 5/12/14 Ben Wyvis School Xmas Fayre/Hilton Community Centre Xmas Fayre/Charleston Academy Xmas Fayre = over £300 in total 7/12/14 Spinathon £230 27/12/14 Ice Factor £1,106.25 Jane’s sponsored walk “ The Dales Way” Sept 2014 Molly Fraser - sponsored run £95 A huge thank you to all sponsors and supporters from everyone at Highland Synchronized Skating Teams. The Bingo Night raised £689, thanks to all who donated & attended.

£118.20 was raised in Culbokie with teas & cakes, thanks to Audrey, Kay, Genine, Erin and Mia. Molly and Josh

£82.50 has been rasied by Rag Bags, thanks to all who donated.

Spinathon - We made £267.25 spinathon held at Inverness Leisure. Thanks go to all who took part for their donations, especially our two instructors Kirsty Chisholm & Alister Moffat who made the 3 hours very enjoyable & did not charge for their time. Thanks also to our anonymous donor who paid for the studio hire & Inverness Leisure for the use of the studio & spinning bikes.

Treasure map / hunt raised £150.

Rotary Shop - We were given the use of the shop for the week 4th to 11th November and raised an amazing £1,395! Thanks to all who donated and especially Trish for arranging and all the volunteers who gave their time Maureen Allan, Joan Marie, Julie H & Emma Lewis, Amanda, Emma MacLeod, Ali, Fiona Dyke, Erin Johnston, Genine and Laura Burton, Audrey Stewart, Kay & Caroline Allan.

Fashion Show - We held a fashion show in the Spectrum Centre on 15th November courtesy of TK Maxx and raised £550.80 - thanks to Caron Black of TK Maxx for arranging this. A good night out.

Bake sale on 18th November at Fortrose Academy has raised £100.

Cookery Demonstration at Tore Hall on 22nd November raised another £100.

£113 was raised at a Baking stand at the Culloden Academy Craft Stalls on 23rd November.

Thanks to Highland Car Club for letting the Club help out at this year's Snowman Rally - we raised an impressive amount of £1,460 for the Club. Thanks to all who got up very early to help out!

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