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Membership Guide


Introduction for new members

The Highland Synchronised Ice Skating Teams meet for training/practice throughout the year with the aim of entering competitions. In 2012-13 there were just short of 50 skaters across four teams Moray Dolphins, Aurora, Northern Lights and Moray Seal Pups.

In 2013 all the teams competed in the Trophy d’Ecosse in Dumfries in March and returned with a clutch of medals. The Moray Dolphins took the Gold in at international level their category and retained their Scottish championship title. The Northern Lights took silver in their category at international level and became Scottish champions in the Intermediate 1 category. The Seal Pups took silver in their category at international level and became Scottish Champions. Aurora missed out on bronze by a small margin. Additionally, in October 2012, Moray Dolphins won Gold at the club open at Lee Valley and Northern Lights won Silver. Moray Dolphins also competed in the Trophée des Hauts de France in February 2012– the first time a team has travelled overseas.

Contact Details

Any queries should be e-mailed to the Synchro club mailbox – highlandicesynchro [at] gmail.com

You can use the “Contact us” page on the club website www.highlandicesynchro.co.uk

Queries will be dealt with as soon as possible. Alternatively, there are normally committee members in the café at the beginning of practices for Aurora/Lights/Pups. Please do not contact the coach directly – with approximately 50 skaters in the squad she can quickly become inundated with queries.

Membership Fees

The membership year runs from 1 May to 30 April. For 2013-14 the fee has been set at £7.00. This is due for payment at the first practice in May for returning members, and after four practices for new members.

Please complete and return the membership form with your fee. Should you need a copy of the form, please download from the web-site or e-mail the club mailbox highlandicesynchro [at] gmail.com.

NISA Membership (The National Ice Skating Association Of Great Britain)

All skaters are required to have NISA membership in order to enter competitions. NISA membership should be taken out as soon as a skater becomes a member of the club.

To join on-line go to http://www.iceskating.org.uk

Full annual membership £59.00 - (Over 18 years of age, as at Apr 2013)
Associate annual membership £52.00 - (Under 18 years of age, as at Apr 2013)

Once skaters have their NISA membership number they should e-mail the club mail-box with both the number and the expiry date.

Ice Practice Fees

Practice Fees for 2013-14 have been held at £5.00 per session, but there is a proviso which allows the committee to raise this to cover costs if required. To reduce the administrative burden we request that fees are paid monthly in advance wherever possible, otherwise weekly. The practice fee covers the ice fee (charged by Ice Centre) and the coaching fee, both of which are charged on a team basis. Note: this means the fee is payable even when skaters do not attend.

There are exceptions to the above:

~ During the school summer holidays - this applies only when you are away on holiday.

~ Unless illness, work or business commitments do not allow attendance.

~ Skaters who are members of more than one team pay only once.

~ Occasional sessions as declared in advance

Session times are notified in advance. Please note that these can be subject to change due to other users of the Ice Centre. Details can be found on the Events (calendar) page on the club website. You can subscribe to reminders and notification of changes and additions. In addition, the Secretary e-mails out blocks of dates and times as they become known and posts in the club facebook group & page, and twitter feed.


Skaters are expected to attend all practices wherever possible as non-attendance hinders the development of the teams. If a skater is unavoidably unable to attend, then please e-mail the club mailbox highlandicesynchro [at] gmail.com before the practice to advise. Repeated non-attendance may jeopardise a skater’s place in a team. This is at the coach’s discretion.

Reporting in

Skaters must report in at the beginning of each session. In the event of a fire/emergency there must be a record of everyone who is in the ice-rink.

Skaters must be ready to start at the beginning of the session - in uniform (see below), skates on and hair in buns (needless to say boys are let off with this one!). Please arrive 15minutes before the session is due to start.


Any medicines that may be required during a training session should be lodged with a committee member or coach and must be clearly labelled if parents are not available (i.e. inhalers etc).

Conduct during a practice session

Once a session has begun skaters are asked not to chat among themselves. All conversation will be relayed through the coach or designated team members when working in groups.

During training sessions, skaters (and parents of younger skaters) are asked to ensure that there are no fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps etc rinkside

Off-ice Practice

Normally only held in the run-up to competitions. There is usually no fee for off-ice training, however there may be a small charge if these sessions are regular and the club has to pay for room hire.


Red Polo Shirt

These are ordered twice yearly, well in advance of competitions. The order form is available to download from the website, or contact the committee/mailbox for a paper copy. Current prices are on the order form.

Black leggings

Plain black leggings which are long enough to hook over the boot at the heel. Widely available from high street clothing retailers and supermarkets.

Track suit

These are ordered twice a year, well in advance of competitions . The order form is available to download from the website, or contact the committee/mailbox for a paper copy. Current prices are on the order form. Second-hand track suits are sometimes available – ask a committee member or check the classified section on the club website.

Bun Kit/Red scrunchies (only for the girls).

New skaters will be issued with a bun kit and red scrunchie. Replacements/spares are widely available from accessories retailers.


Skaters are expected to maintain sharp blades and ensure they are not ground immediately prior to competitions. They must be worked in before competing.


Skaters must bring skate guards.

Water bottle/snacks

It is recommended that skaters bring a water bottle and snack with them tp practice sessions.

Development of skating skills

Skaters are asked to ensure they continue to develop their skating skills –this is in addition to team practice. Ideally private or group lessons on Field Moves should be arranged as a minimum.


The skating teams cannot be guaranteed sponsorship in any one year, so all costs over and above ice and coaching fees are paid, as far as possible from fundraising and donations. All skaters are expected to participate in fundraising activities.

Successful fundraising in 2012-13 included various stalls at schools, a Masquerade night, the Ice Factor, a Fashion Show at M&Co in Dingwall, bag packing at TESCO and a Cupcake stall.



Alcohol must not be consumed by any team members who are 18 or over during practice sessions or whilst away with the team. Younger members caught with alcohol will be referred to their parents.


Skaters are required to respect:

Ø Team officials

Ø Each other

Ø Other squads and teams when travelling

General chat in changing rooms/rinkside/rink car parks/cafes etc. of a derogatory nature is hurtful, damaging to team spirit and not acceptable. Team members are asked to think before they speak in public places. Bullying is taken very seriously and will not be tolerated.


The following costs are incurred when the teams travel to competitions. Some of these costs may be met by sponsorship or fundraising and this will be indicated when invoices to skaters/parents are issued prior to competition.


Costumes are provided by the club and will be reused whenever suitable. Fittings must be attended but will not necessarily take place during training sessions. You will be asked to attend before or after a session or at a designated time.


Club skaters attending a competition are required to have one new pair with their competition gear. A bulk order is usually made in advance to ensure the team all have the same shade and style of tights. Spares will be available to purchase from the committee if required at an event. Approximate cost of tights is approx £15 - £18 per pair.

Competition Entry Fees

Fees are paid by the club when funds permit, otherwise they will be split fairly between all team members. (With the exception of alternates who do not pay an entry fee. In the event an alternate has to skate they will be responsible for reimbursing the injured/sick skater.)


Coach transport will be arranged for the teams where practical. Parents and friends are welcome to travel on the coach, subject to seat availability, and will be required to pay for their seat, unless travelling in an official capacity. The following charges will apply for non skaters using the team coach: £20 for Dumfries, £30 for Sheffield & £40 for London/Cardiff & beyond.


All club members will be expected to pay their share of the overall accommodation unless it has been funded

Parents and friends will be responsible for their own accommodation. Older skaters will be allocated a shared room with other club members. Younger skaters may be in family rooms. Details will be issued in advance when appropriate and agreements made between skaters and/or parents regarding sharing of rooms. The club cannot guarantee accommodation for all family members and parents.


Skaters and/or parents will be advised regarding any arrangements for meals. If breakfast is included team members are expected to attend breakfast as arranged and this will be part of their accommodation fee. If not skaters and/or parents are expected to have packed breakfasts arranged e.g. cereal bars. Teams normally eat lunch together on competition days and are supervised. Parents/family/friends are expected to make their own arrangements.

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